We give added value to what may appear to be an onerous requirement.

Auditors Lichfield

You may need an audit either as a mandatory requirement or you may opt for an audit as additional assurance for business owners, investors, finance providers or other stakeholders or as part of your future plans, be it growth or sales/ succession decisions.

An audit will be required if your limited company or LLP meets two or more of the following criteria:

  • Annual turnover in excess of £10.2 million:
  • Assets over £5.1 million:
  • 50 or more employees.

Additionally your company may not be exempt if it is a plc, is carrying on an insurance market activity, is an ineligible financial services company or is a member of an ineligible group.

We can advise as to whether your company or LLP requires or would benefit from an audit.

Our audit is carried out and overseen by a senior statutory auditor and our approach is a tailored approach designed to meet audit requirements as well as providing guidance and recommendations to help you improve systems to benefit your business and financial reporting. Our approach is designed to give added value to what may appear to be an onerous requirement.

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